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Are You Ready For Your Interview?

We receive more than 1,000 job applications each month here at All Children's Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine. That is a lot of interest in our organization! For those that receive an interview it can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience all at the same time. We recommend you focus on your interview preparation to not only help you present yourself in the best possible way, but also to help manage your nerves.

One of the best ways to prepare for your interview is to learn as much as you can about us. We have a wealth of information on our facebook page, the Human Resources website, and our main hospital web site. We are a much more complex organization than most candidates expect. It is essential that each candidate does their best to understand our hospital and the services we provide.

Once you have a general sense of what we are all about, you need to practice. Find a friend, colleague or family member and run through an interview. I know it won't be exactly like the real thing, but it will give you an important confidence boost. Not only will you have put time in getting ready, but you'll also have the advantage of saying your answers out loud before the actual interview. You'll know if you need to make any changes before you come in to meet with one of our recruiters.

Ask Us Too!
Once you are in the interview make sure you ask us plenty of questions. That is a sure fire way to show us that you took the time to learn about us, and that you realize how important the hiring decision is for both you and the hospital. Great questions always make a great impression!

Remember to be prepared for every interview, and good luck!

- Jay

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