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Welcome to our HR Blog!

Welcome to the All Children's Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine Human Resources blog! We’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at All Children’s Hospital and life along Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast. We're a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, which means we're part of one of the most dynamic healthcare organizations in the world. Each week we'll post stories, interviews, and images of the incredible people and places we experience in our work.

Our Team
Before I go any further let me introduce myself. I'm Jay Kuhns, and I am the Vice President of Human Resources here at All Children's Hospital. I've been with our organization since 2008 and will be the primary moderator for the blog.

Other members of our team who will be participating include two of our Recruiters, and a very special blogger, Marianna Broz, RN, who is going to share her experiences as a brand new nurse in our RN residency program!

Get Connected
We are on many social channels so it's easy to find us. Whether you are into facebook, twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest we have you covered!

We hope you come back regularly to explore, learn, ask questions, and ultimately join one of the most sophisticated and complex pediatric facilities in the nation.

- Jay


Jennifer Novak said...

Very excited to be part of this team!

Clare Lynch said...

I know there are going to be some incredible stories about the employees, patients and families at All Children's. Every day here holds new adventures and surprises for all of us!