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Interview Question Mystery Solved!

We see it over and over again. Candidates come in for their interviews  poorly prepared. It's not that they don't have a great list of questions to ask. That's really important to show us that you're genuinely excited about being part of our team. What we see all to often is that people are not prepared to answer questions about themselves.

Why is this the case?

It's All About You
Let's get the obvious part of the interview out of the're here to talk about you and no one else. So why is it that the questions can be so challenging?

Here's our secret...we want you to answer our questions in three very specific ways. Let's walk through each one so you'll be ready when you come in for your interview.

S/T- Situation/Task
When we ask you various questions we want you to provide us with a specific situation or task that you were involved with that relates to the question. This way we know you have a real example to share, not a hypothetical one.

A - Action
Next, it will be important for you to provide specific actions that you took in the situation you described above. When we can hear about the choices you've made and the actions steps you took we will get a much better idea of how you will handle similar situations in our organization.

R - Result
Lastly, we need you to share the specific results that were achieved through your actions. This too, demonstrates the impact you've made in the past and what we can expect in the future as a member of our team.

As you prepare for your upcoming interview, remember to not only have questions ready for us, but spend some time thinking about answering questions with specific examples from your past that will help us learn how terrific you will be here at All Children's!


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