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Social Media and Your Job Search

We are often asked about the use of social media not only for job seekers, but how it can be used professionally. Let me say this right away...WE LOVE IT! The world has "gone social" and here at All Children's Hospital we are no different. Let me break down some of the ways we have integrated social media tools into our work, and how you can use them to get to know us better.

Check Us Out
If you are new to social media the best thing to do is explore the various channels we use: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as our Linkedin careers page. We post jobs, share articles, keep in touch with job seekers, and generally participate in the larger social conversation that is going on 24/7. Feel free to comment or ask questions at anytime.

Get Started
Now that you know where to find us, it's time for you to get in the game! I'm guessing you already have a facebook account, but you may not be on twitter or some of the other sites yet. Now is the perfect time to get started. Jump over to the Twitter home page and set up your account. It only takes a few minutes and will open up the world very differently than your Facebook experience.

Once you are using the tools you will quickly find how effectively they can be used in your professional life. As they say, content is king, and social media is full of content that can be used in every facet of professional life.

We're going to highlight various social media tools in the coming weeks and months so be sure to watch our blog to learn more!


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