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You Wouldn't Believe This Resume!

Every once in a while we're going to share some of the funnier moments here at All Children's Hospital. This week we're highlighting a resume we received that was...well...let's just say it was different than what we normally see.

Technology Rules The World
Our team here uses electronic tools for just about everything from online applications that feed directly into our HR information system, to leveraging social media that helps us stay connected with all of you.

In a world driven by so much technology, including iPads, smart phones and Microsoft Office tools, it is safe to assume the resumes we receive would be done in a reasonably current format, right?


Cutting and Pasting...Literally!
Some time ago we received a resume that was, we think, typed as a sort of template many years ago. However, this shrewd candidate intentionally left spaces blank so that the job titles of future positions could by typed (with a different typewriter) into the old template.

No, I am not making this up.

Needless to say that resume looked so unprofessional, it clearly was not written to match the opening here at the hospital, and showed ultimately that this candidate was not excited about joining our team, that we were unable to seriously consider them as a legitimate candidate.

It's 2013
We don't expect you to have the latest and greatest software, nor do we expect your resume or cover letters to be worthy of winning a Pulitzer prize.

We do however, expect you to put the time in to demonstrate that not only do you know what position you are applying for, but you are genuinely excited about our mission to be the best children's hospital in the country.


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C'Larissa NYtrophybling said...

I've seen my fair share of bad resumes but this one tops the list. In all fairness to candidates that find technology intimidating, e.g. aging baby boomers, sometimes it's a good idea to let them know directly that their resume is not up to standards. A bad resume is not always a reflection of the interest level of the candidate. It may be our opportunity to teach.