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Does Your Resume Show Depth?

This week's post is from one of our Recruiters, Michelle Nelson, who discusses how important your resume truly is in the search process. Learn about her perspective when she reviews resumes, and how the details you include will separate you from the rest of the pack.

When you present your resume, does it show who you are as a person? Everyone is told to provide the basics such as education, work history and skills; but demonstrating your depth of experience on your resume is what quickly catches the eye of a hiring manager or recruiter.

When I review resumes, I look for work ethic, pride, organizational skills, communication, and caring about the community. Those are the values that hiring managers also look for, and demonstrating those attributes typically help get candidates to an interview. 

What Do I See?
How do I see those characteristics? If a resume is missing information, it sends a signal that the candidate is not sure of them self; or is not proud of what they’ve done. If you are proud of your past accomplishments, and you should be, make them stand out! For me, work ethic and pride certainly cross-over. It always surprises me how many resumes miss out on showing this. 

A common mistake nurses make is that they tend to list the hospitals and companies where they’ve worked, but don't list what they did at those hospitals. From my perspective, you should include details on your resume about what you specifically did, your specialty, the size of the organization, how many patients, type of charting, shifts you worked, and nursing duties.

These qualities and experiences add depth to your resume and can make all the difference when it is reviewed.

Community Matters
One last point, there are many activities that people do every day to contribute to their community, I would urge you to be sure to include these on your resume.  Hiring managers want to see that you’ll be a true asset and have pride in sharing the organization's values outside the hospital.  Most nursing models require nurses to be on councils or members of teams, and by sharing these past experiences on your resume it may help move yours to the top of the pile. 

I look forward to hearing from you,

- Michelle

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