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Dress for Success

Job interviews can be a stressful experience. Sometimes it can feel as if the process of landing a new job will never end. First you searched for the right opportunity, put your resume together, and went through a series of phone or other screenings that led up to the big day.

Interview day is here.

Being prepared for your interview is essential, and most of the time (including here on this blog) the focus is on your preparation both about the organization and the important questions you should be ready to ask and answer. But there is another key part of the interview that should not be overlooked.

Putting together an appropriate outfit is another part of the evaluation process. It is obviously not a black tie affair, but a job interview is a terrific opportunity for you to not only say that you are professional, but to prove it as well.

Wearing clean clothes that are consistent with the position you are interviewing for is a great way to demonstrate how serious you are about joining the organization. Not only will you look good, but you will feel more confident knowing that you not only are prepared to discuss the position, but that you look like you already have the job!

Good luck at your next interview, and make sure you are fully prepared.


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