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Building "Your" Brand

As you already know we are big fans of social media. We think you should be too. There are many reasons why organizations, particularly Human Resources teams, are active users of social tools: recruitment, staying current, engaging employees, and the list goes on. One of the other reasons we are big believers in social media however has absolutely nothing to do with us.

It's All About You
What many job seekers, as well as people established in their jobs fail to recognize, is the power of building their personal brand. How do you differentiate yourself from others? Are you active on various social channels in a professional way commenting on blog posts, writing content, sharing information with others, or participating in Linkedin groups?

These activities will help establish "your" online presence, and in effect, begin building your brand. Here's a quick little test for you to try. Google yourself and see what comes up.

If you've been active in the areas I've listed above you will see yourself and your activity. On the other hand, if the search of "you" isn't what you were expecting, it's time to get more focused.

Why Is This Important
The main reason your personal brand matters is obvious: it is a direct reflection on you as a professional. How you present yourself goes far beyond resumés, interviews and your performance on the job. There is a digital reality to who we are that needs to be cultivated and managed as well.

Dont' worry if you are new to social media and building your personal brand. Spending a few minutes each day is all it takes!


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