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A Quick Note On References

Recruiters check references more thoroughly than ever before. Make sure your 'praise singers' know in advance that you're listing them and how appreciative you are of their help.  Also, most RN recruiters will be more interested in references from someone that worked with you rather than from your neighbor or religious leader.

It’s important to note that with Google, Facebook, LinkedinTwitter and other social tools, there are numerous ways to see what makes up a person’s background.  Most nursing recruiters will at least check you out online to see if what your references are saying about you matches up with how you've presented yourself.

You can help your cause by opening a LinkedIn account and asking former managers and peers to write a short recommendation for you.  Make these recommendations from different people than the ones you submit as “official” references and you’ll have a nice group of people genuinely singing your praises!

One last thought, I would highly advise anyone looking to make a change to “Google” their own name and see what comes up.  We all have heard stories of the unsuspecting person that finds a picture of themselves on Facebook in a situation they would much rather not have on the web! 

Checking Facebook, Google and other accounts will ensure you are not blind sided and will help you prepare if and when you need to offer an explanation.



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