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Lean On Me

One of the issues we all face from time to time in our professional lives is how to overcome obstacles. Whether it's a difficult patient condition, a complex project that has hit a plateau, or an awkward relationship with a coworker. Let's be honest, sometimes we all need some help.

Pay It Forward
Recently I've had the privilege to sit down with several students to discuss the Human Resources profession. I consider these moments as a privilege because the students are looking to me as a sort of expert. They needed help with their school assignments and career planning. That they asked me to help is a shouldn't be something that I considered to be a burden on my time.

For many of us, the time we spend with our colleagues in the workplace far exceeds the time we spend with our families at home. So when we see someone in needs, either due to stress or just a hectic shift, it is our responsibility to reach out and be there for that person.

Many times a kind word, or a an active listening session over a cup of coffee is all it takes to provide some much needed relief. But you'll never know if you don't reach out and offer to help.

Been There
I remember how impactful it's been when I've reached out to someone for help and they were willing to offer their hand, or to listen, or even take action on my behalf. Maybe you've experienced the same thing too. 

As you jump in to your next work day, don't forget to pay attention to those around you, and make sure they know they have someone to lean on...just in case.


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