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Tough Interview Questions Series - #1

It's finally time for your job interview. You've put the time in to developing a sharp resume, researching the organization you're hoping to join, and are ready with your questions to learn more. Then you get a question that completely catches you off guard.

"Tell me what you are most proud of in your career?"

Now what? Do you brag about a great win? Do you ramble on about a complicated project that ultimately was a success? Aren't we supposed to be humble in interviews?

Oh boy...

Time To Shine
This is a terrific question for several reasons. The best part is that you have full authority to do a little bragging about something you've done really well! That doesn't mean that you ignore the other people who helped you along the way. Discussing your ability to make things happen in the workplace is a dream interview scenario. Go for it!

Balance Is Important
The risk is obvious in this question. Are you able to explain your accomplishment without appearing arrogant or insensitive?

Your ability to balance both your enthusiasm for doing good work and recognizing those that helped you achieve this success will clearly differentiate you from the other candidates being interviewed.

This is a great question that you need to be ready to get started thinking about what you are most proud of...and don't forget to include your important colleagues who helped you get there!


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