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I'm A New Nurse and I'm Looping!

So recently I've been completing my looping throughout the hospital and have had some pretty cool experiences.

Making The Rounds
In Radiology I learned some basics on how to read diagnostic tests and the differences between them. This loop was incredibly helpful to prepare me for all the questions families will undoubtedly ask. Now I’m able to give them a very good idea of what to expect with any of the different imaging tests!

In the post anaesthesia care unit (PACU), I got to see kids wake up from anesthesia and just how fast you need to act when complications start to arise. This made me much more comfortable about the recovery process, and now I can tell how the procedure went based on a few notations.

Looping to other units teaches you so much about their specialties. For instance on our Neurosurgical floor, I learned how to care for different post-operative kids and how all of the different orthotic braces and contraptions work. And on our Hematology/Oncology floor, I learned to administer all different kinds of blood products. Being able to assist during a stem cell transplant wasn't too shabby either!

In the Neurology outpatient clinic, before a patient would arrive we would review their video EEG footage and walk through all the differentials and testing done during the inpatient stay. Then we would walk into a room to see the patient looking happy and healthy! I think that loop was honestly my favorite, because there's nothing like seeing the end result of all that hard work.

Back Home...To The PICU
And then of course there's looping to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU.) Seeing all the different ways we're able to manipulate the human body is amazing… and the best part about looping is when things get crazy, the staff is great at grabbing me for everything; from emergency intubations to full blown codes.

I'm comfortable enough now where I no longer just wish myself skinny against a back wall; I've actually been able to jump in and assist. This is especially helpful since come June, my critical care class will be officially transitioned to our ICUs and this will be my home unit.

Putting It All Together
The looping opportunities serve as a great comprehensive tour of how the whole hospital works. One of the major advantages of going to so many places is that new nurses now have at least one friendly face on every floor...and for a new nurse that really means a lot!


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