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Tough Interview Question Series - #3

"Why are you asking for that salary?"

Have you ever been asked that question during an interview? If so, were you prepared with an answer? Discussing salaries can be a complicated process, particularly if two factors come in to play:

1 - the interviewer is not clear on how the company handles compensation analysis
2 - the interviewee is not able to effectively articulate his/her experience

Now you may be thinking to yourself that these two issues should never be a problem during an interview; however, far too often candidates come to their interviews ill-prepared to discuss their experience and why that experience is so important to meeting the needs of the organization.

Have you ever answered with "I need the money" or "I am in a tight spot right now?" If so, you're doing yourself a major disservice!

Let's be clear, jobs are posted for one reason: the company has a specific need that must be filled, and it is willing to invest signficant dollars to hire, orient, train, and provide a comprehensive benefits package to the successful candidate. Your ability to speak directly to why your skills and experience will meet that need is essential.

Interviews are your opportunity to shine. Make sure you are prepared!


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