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I'm A New Nurse - Nurses Week Rocks at All Children's Hospital!

I dare anyone to find a way better to boost morale in the hospital than going all-out for Nurses Week the way All Children's Hospital did! I'm not just talking about free smoothies (which we all hit a weird level of excitement), but an endless supply of makeovers, massages, buffets, motivational speakers, and just genuine appreciation. I think I speak for everyone when I declare: every week should be nurses' week!

Even the patients seemed to behave better…or maybe it was just a byproduct of our happy moods.

But I'm not kidding when I say it was literally a week of smiles and high fives.

I had not one, not two, but three different kids who wanted to give away their own get-well balloons and stuffed toys to patients who they felt needed them more.

I had parents, getting sent home earlier than anticipated, ask if they could donate meals previously purchased to another random family that was in for the long haul. Attached to their meal plan was an anonymous note that just read "Stay strong."

I had the pleasure to discharge one of our long term patients home, and even though he had anxiously waited for this moment he did the coolest thing I've seen a patient do yet:

"He took a victory lap around the floor in his stroller, fedora tilted slightly to the right, bobbing his head to 'Gangnam Style.' It was something out of a movie. We all danced with him the entire way to the elevator, and got to wave and yell goodbye as the doors closed. It felt strangely similar to a finale in a musical."

In a children's hospital, sad stories are never hard to come by, which makes weeks as perfect as this one that much more important to hold onto.

- Marianna

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I love these blog entries! Keep them up!