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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am a creature of habit. I love my morning work commute evening workouts...I love them all! There is comfort in knowing how my day will generally go, even when I know there will be an occasional crisis that needs my immediate attention. I feel comfortable in my routine.

That is not a good thing.

Comfort Does Not Equal Growth
When I think about the times that I've experience professional growth it has never been during a period of "comfort." Sometimes it's been when I'm under stress and had to process new and challenging circumstances. Those times aren't very fun, but they do prove two important things:

1 - we can handle a lot more than we believe 
2 - we really can handle a lot more than we believe (it was worth saying twice!)

The other times I've experienced professional growth, and candidly more fun, are when I've pushed myself to try new ask challenging push my colleagues to think differently...and force myself to do something new.

Sometimes I've pushed so hard that I didn't have a best practice to reference. I just went for it! Did my plans work every time? Of course not. Is it okay to try something and learn that it isn't a long term solution? Of course it is!

Your Choice
Not everyone is confident enough to step out of the comfort of their routine. That's okay. But if you are looking to move contribute in new and meaningful ways in your organization, it's time to reconsider the limits you've placed on yourself.

Give it a try today...even the smallest step can bring a new level of confidence!



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