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Who Do You Inspire?

That title may sound a bit odd. Inspire? Me? Before you completely dismiss this post, take a moment and think about who you interact with each day. Consider your coworkers who you spend so many hours with each week. Think about the leaders in your department who you interact with on a regular basis. What about your customers, patients, or vendors who you see "all the time."

Inspiration Isn't Always On A Grand Stage
We've all seen famous speeches, or at least clips of them on YouTube, which have inspired millions of people. Are we going to inspire on that scale? Probably not. But that doesn't mean we can't make an impact in our world. In fact, you may have already done so and you don't even know it!
Let's reconsider the list from above, and start with your coworkers. Have you reached out to help a colleague after a difficult day? Have you taken a few minutes to listen to their problems, whether they were work related or something on the home front? 

I'm guessing you've done that many times. Guess what, that is one way you have inspired others!

Next let's consider your customers. How do you treat them? Are you sensitive to their needs, attentive to their concerns, and focused on going the extra mile for them? Those are the types of things we do at All Children's Hospital everyday. And yes, we're inspiring others through the work we do!

But We Can Still Think Big
It turns out we don't have to look very far to realize that we do inspire others. I don't know about you, but for me and our amazing team of professionals, it feels pretty good. Why don't you think about your impact the next time you lend a helping hand to a colleague. You might just be making a much bigger difference in their life than you ever imagined.

- Jay


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