Work With Me People!

Our Nurses Make A Huge Difference

We walked into the break room...eight of us...a very odd group to "suddenly" appear. The staff stopped what they were doing and looked at the group of leaders that just appeared and weren't saying a word.

Every eye grew bigger when we asked for a certain nurse's name. She raised her hand, and we announced she was our newest Daisy Award winner! Her hands immediately covered her face as the tears started to flow.

She had done such an incredible job working with our patients, their families, and her colleagues that she rose above all the other monthly nominees to win.

Our nurses make a huge difference.

Our Culture
This moment is not something that happens annually at All Children's Hospital. In fact, we recognize our incredible nurses every single month with the Daisy Award. We have so many nominees each month that at the end of the year we hold a series of luncheons just to make sure we do something special for each of them.

Our nurses make a huge difference.

Our Future
As our organization evolves we have embraced a journey to excellence and are working to achieve Magnet Status. It will be something that matches the incredible work our team does day after day, with the external validation that comes with being a premier children's hospital. As part of that effort we all recognize one thing...

Our nurses make a huge difference. 

You Need to be Here
As we celebrate Nurse's Week, it is important for you to know that All Children's Hospital is not just a specialty hospital that cares for the most fragile patients. It is a place that values, recognizes, and believes in the minds and talents of our incredible staff.

We hope every Nurse has a terrific Nurse's Week...and we are reminded every day that you do make a huge difference.

Thank you!



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