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What's Your Story?

So here’s a quick confession: About 15 years ago I wrote a column for the Tampa Tribune called the “Job Network Connection”, and it ran in the employment classified section each Sunday.   It was a weekly regular column that focused on how to find your next job by networking. I talked about LinkedIn profiles, networking events, how to follow up from job interviews etc… 

I was on the leading edge folks! 

This column lead to many speaking engagements with the local workforce organizations as they worked to  get the recently unemployed back to work. There was tremendous interest by those displaced workers on how to use their networks to generate opportunities  for jobs. 

You know that story – keep your network current because you never know when you’ll need them.

One of the most popular presentations and columns that I wrote was about your elevator pitch. Remember that? If you were in an elevator with a top executive, what could you say about yourself in 30 seconds that would be memorable and generate an interest on their part to continue the conversation?

Fast forward to today – While the “pitch” is still relevant, the situation, timing and level of engagement has certainly changed.  With the 24/7 access to our social platforms, our “pitch” is being given all the time – sometimes within our control and sometimes not. Check out what story is being told about you by doing a quick Google search of yourself – hopefully you won’t be surprised!

Telling your story is so much easier today, and honestly with so much clutter out there, it’s important that you control the message.

So what is your story? Are you sharing it with the right people and in the right space?

Share your story with our recruiters here at All Children's Hospital and check out all of the opportunities available to continue your story here!

Have A Great Week!

Carol McD

Friends At Work

It is a well-documented fact that employees who have friends in the workplace are happier, feel more fulfilled and are more engaged in the work they are doing. Having a friend or buddy where we work really can help us assimilate to the environment and keep us motivated when we get frustrated, or be that someone who understands the challenges and can lend an empathetic ear.

I have met some of my very best friends at work and can’t imagine having gone through those years without them.

I’m a huge fan of having a friend at work especially when you are onboarding. I’ve seen organizations that actually assign a “buddy” or “onboarding friend” to every new hire to show  them things like where to eat lunch,  where the best restaurants in town are,  where to park … and keep them informed of specific events that happen at the office that shouldn’t be missed. Love that strategy a lot!

Let’s not forget what a great experience that can also be for the employee who is assigned to be the “buddy.”  Clearly they are respected and well-liked by the organization and have been trusted to show “the new guy” around the office – talk about an ego  boost that goes a long way in employee retention!

So if you are the assigned friend, or just want to be a great coworker – help your new co-worker out! And, please show him or her where the restrooms are – that’s always so awkward to have to ask…

Be sure to check out all of the opportunities here  at All Children's Hospital and make contact with our recruiters today – work friends are part of the package!

Have a great week!

Carol McD

What Are You Waiting For? #PushPlay

There are many times in our lives when we are hesitant to make a decision or take a leap of faith – we’re humans, it’s our nature to second guess, think it over, or sleep on it. 

We can spend so much time making lists of pros and cons of a decision that we miss the amazing opportunity that was presented and end up living with the Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda regret and that really stinks!

Now, if you are buying a car, house, horse or whatever, there is value is doing research and determining the financial impact of that decision – you have to know if you got the stable to house that horse before making a rash decision because you feel the need to spend the weekends riding horseback on the beach. That’s always going to time well spent thinking that through – stables are NOT cheap. I digress.

I’m really referring to those opportunities that come your way either unexpectedly, or because of an inquiry you made and BAM! – It’s becoming a reality!  Are you going to take your time toiling over the decision and risk losing out on that proverbial “knock on the door?”

It’s a tough call.

I’m here to tell you that Good Things DO come to those who #pushplay. 
Think about those times you've lost out on great opportunities to pick up and move to great city. Think about the opportunities you've turned down because you were too nervous about doing something different – out of your comfort zone. Are you regretful?
Those opportunities often times only come around once or twice if you’re lucky.

Take the chance! Take the risk!

The rewards will outweigh any fear you might have and if it doesn't work out then you will feel good about putting yourself out there and the next time you are faced with a #pushplay opportunity you might not be so hesitant.

I say # pushplay and check out all the opportunities  here or reach out to any of our recruiters for more info!

Have A Great Week! 

Carol McD

The Onboarding Conundrum

If you Google On-Boarding you’ll get descriptions, dissections and opinions about what it is, what it’s not and how and when to do it.  It’s more information than you’ll ever care to read about.  

However, it is constant conversation in the world of Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Retention – as it should be. And, let’s face it, on-boarding matters in a highly competitive talent market – how you treat candidates, the touch points during the hiring process, and ultimately how you onboard the newly hired employee can be the difference and solidify the decision the candidate made.

I think one of the initial fails, as it relates to on-boarding is not paying off on the bill of goods that was “sold” during the interview process.  Those big sales pitches the recruiters make about great culture, awesome benefits, work/life balance and yes, you can bring your cat/dog/ferret to the office no one cares…is that really the case?

There is nothing more deflating than after the big courtship – you realize that the job, benefits and overall culture are not a fit for you and your skills. 

And, might I add, onboarding is NOT emailing forms to complete, deferring the newly hired (or soon to be hired) to someone else to deal with once the hire has been made.  

It IS surrounding that new employee with the people, resources and tools they need to feel welcome, informed and ready to start their new career with you. Wow, think of how quickly an employee can begin to contribute when the process allows for an easy transition.

That looks different in every organization - I totally get it. 

The deliberate effort at All Children’s Hospital to share the Culture of Excellence, Respect and Collaboration by telling the story of Colton, as well as many other employee testimonials, did in fact pay off for me and the many others today during orientation. 

Oh, and just so you know, the recruiters were right – the benefits are AWESOME!

Check out all of the opportunities at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine  here and be sure to like our Facebook page – it’s where you’ll get the latest and greatest!

Have a great week!

-Carol McD


Adding Power to the Team

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our Human Resources leadership team here at All Children's Hospital - Carol McDaniel! Carol is our Talent Acquisition Director and in her first blog post shares her excitement about being part of our team, and how you can connect with her!

As I drive across I-275 and the sun is rising on the All Children’s Hospital main campus, I know this is where I was meant to do some of my best work, as do so many others here each day.

Well in to my 3rd day as the Director of Talent Acquisition for All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine, I am already feeling welcomed and embraced by this incredible community of professionals!
I will be heading up recruiting for this facility of over 3200 employees that hires over 500 employees every year in positions that changes lives – how awesome is that? 

I am working with some of the most talented people in the industry like Jay Kuhns, who has already elevated the status of All Children’s as the leader in healthcare recruiting – I get to take it up a few notches – how cool is that?

Look for me here each week as I work with our recruiting team to deliver the best in candidate experience,  share insights in to working here at All Children’s Hospital and why this IS the place to work, live and play!

I won’t bore you with the details about me here but you can check me out online and here at All Children's Hospital!

Don’t be shy – reach out to me. I’m ready for it!

Twitter: @carolmacd
LinkedIn: Carol McDaniel

Be sure to reach out to Carol, or any member of our team! Have a terrific week!