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Friends At Work

It is a well-documented fact that employees who have friends in the workplace are happier, feel more fulfilled and are more engaged in the work they are doing. Having a friend or buddy where we work really can help us assimilate to the environment and keep us motivated when we get frustrated, or be that someone who understands the challenges and can lend an empathetic ear.

I have met some of my very best friends at work and can’t imagine having gone through those years without them.

I’m a huge fan of having a friend at work especially when you are onboarding. I’ve seen organizations that actually assign a “buddy” or “onboarding friend” to every new hire to show  them things like where to eat lunch,  where the best restaurants in town are,  where to park … and keep them informed of specific events that happen at the office that shouldn’t be missed. Love that strategy a lot!

Let’s not forget what a great experience that can also be for the employee who is assigned to be the “buddy.”  Clearly they are respected and well-liked by the organization and have been trusted to show “the new guy” around the office – talk about an ego  boost that goes a long way in employee retention!

So if you are the assigned friend, or just want to be a great coworker – help your new co-worker out! And, please show him or her where the restrooms are – that’s always so awkward to have to ask…

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Have a great week!

Carol McD

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