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The Onboarding Conundrum

If you Google On-Boarding you’ll get descriptions, dissections and opinions about what it is, what it’s not and how and when to do it.  It’s more information than you’ll ever care to read about.  

However, it is constant conversation in the world of Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Retention – as it should be. And, let’s face it, on-boarding matters in a highly competitive talent market – how you treat candidates, the touch points during the hiring process, and ultimately how you onboard the newly hired employee can be the difference and solidify the decision the candidate made.

I think one of the initial fails, as it relates to on-boarding is not paying off on the bill of goods that was “sold” during the interview process.  Those big sales pitches the recruiters make about great culture, awesome benefits, work/life balance and yes, you can bring your cat/dog/ferret to the office no one cares…is that really the case?

There is nothing more deflating than after the big courtship – you realize that the job, benefits and overall culture are not a fit for you and your skills. 

And, might I add, onboarding is NOT emailing forms to complete, deferring the newly hired (or soon to be hired) to someone else to deal with once the hire has been made.  

It IS surrounding that new employee with the people, resources and tools they need to feel welcome, informed and ready to start their new career with you. Wow, think of how quickly an employee can begin to contribute when the process allows for an easy transition.

That looks different in every organization - I totally get it. 

The deliberate effort at All Children’s Hospital to share the Culture of Excellence, Respect and Collaboration by telling the story of Colton, as well as many other employee testimonials, did in fact pay off for me and the many others today during orientation. 

Oh, and just so you know, the recruiters were right – the benefits are AWESOME!

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Have a great week!

-Carol McD


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