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What Are You Waiting For? #PushPlay

There are many times in our lives when we are hesitant to make a decision or take a leap of faith – we’re humans, it’s our nature to second guess, think it over, or sleep on it. 

We can spend so much time making lists of pros and cons of a decision that we miss the amazing opportunity that was presented and end up living with the Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda regret and that really stinks!

Now, if you are buying a car, house, horse or whatever, there is value is doing research and determining the financial impact of that decision – you have to know if you got the stable to house that horse before making a rash decision because you feel the need to spend the weekends riding horseback on the beach. That’s always going to time well spent thinking that through – stables are NOT cheap. I digress.

I’m really referring to those opportunities that come your way either unexpectedly, or because of an inquiry you made and BAM! – It’s becoming a reality!  Are you going to take your time toiling over the decision and risk losing out on that proverbial “knock on the door?”

It’s a tough call.

I’m here to tell you that Good Things DO come to those who #pushplay. 
Think about those times you've lost out on great opportunities to pick up and move to great city. Think about the opportunities you've turned down because you were too nervous about doing something different – out of your comfort zone. Are you regretful?
Those opportunities often times only come around once or twice if you’re lucky.

Take the chance! Take the risk!

The rewards will outweigh any fear you might have and if it doesn't work out then you will feel good about putting yourself out there and the next time you are faced with a #pushplay opportunity you might not be so hesitant.

I say # pushplay and check out all the opportunities  here or reach out to any of our recruiters for more info!

Have A Great Week! 

Carol McD

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