Work With Me People!

Work With Me People!

Part of the challenge for recruiters is ensuring the candidates they are recruiting are good a cultural fit as well as have the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. 

It’s a tough balance as you know because the innate behaviors of a good team player, collaborative coworker are critical to being a well-rounded employee. These are the gems that we want to retain and grow within our organizations – but you have to have skills, right?

I can pose an argument for each side if pushed to do so, but to be honest I adhere to the practice that if we are doing our job in recruiting the most qualified and interested candidates, those are the employees that will want to engage, be successful and support the organizations missions and values.

So with that being said…

I’m officially changing the name of our HR Blog from, Human Resources Blog to Work With Me People to support the very conversation about recruitment and retention. 

Sometimes you’ll hear me say, Work With Me People, or Work with me, People – I love that grammar changes everything.

Its going to be Work With Me People when I need the support of those I serve – let’s work together to bring in the best and brightest and keep them in our house; and it will be Work With Me, People when I’m looking to bring in the best and brightest - which is always. 

So check us out here and all of the opportunities here at All Children's Hospital!

Work With Me, People!

Have A Great Week!

Carol McD

Stop Wasting Time

I’m not one to be a quote freak, but this particular phrase stuck out for me on a few levels:

“Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness… the door is open and unlocked… just walk through it.” 
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

As humans we spend a lot of time looking for the perfect life, spouse, job or whatever it is that we think will make us happy.

It’s a quest that has proven to frustrate some as they never really seem happy with their situation. Something is always “not quite right” with their current state.

In my line of business, Talent Acquisition, you see this in a lot in people who are looking for that perfect opportunity and you see it in employers who seek the perfectly skilled, culturally matched ideal hire. 

It’s a constant conversation about what we need to give up to get what we want.  Or, what do I have to sacrifice to get more of what I want?

Having a career that fulfills you in some capacity is a wonderful thing. Having a job that allows you some flexibility to do the things in life is a wonderful thing too. 

Try not to be too focused on one “key” to happiness – there are many ways to make it work for you and your life situation.

So much hesitation and so much overthinking can destroy our ability to be happy in our jobs!

How do you find the key to happiness? I don’t have the answer for everyone, but I will say that if you stop for a second and realize that the door has been open and unlocked all this time – your search for the elusive key was a waste of time.

Check out the many opportunities here at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine and speak to one of our recruiters for more details!

Who needs a key?

Have A Great Week!

Carol McD