Work With Me People!


When you hear the word  Service what images are conjured up in your mind? 

A military member who serves our country?

A server bringing a meal you are waiting for?  
Serving your community? 

Providing customer service or having your car in for service?

My point is that the word Service means a lot of different things depending on the situation and whether you are the customer or the person that provides a service.

I think of Service from a perspective of deliberate intent. What do I mean by that?

If you work in the food service industry, your role can be to serve food from a cafeteria line; literally scooping mounds of mac n’ cheese on trays. You do that because you need to pay the bills, or keep a roof over your head – good stuff.

However, if you are serving that food with  “service-minded” intent, in other words, you want to serve that mac n’ cheese with pride, professionalism and with the intent to please the customer, you have a deliberate intent. That makes all the difference in how you feel you’ve performed at your job, and how the customer feels about the food and service they received.

This mindset is not reserved for those in food service.

Working with a deliberate intent and a service-minded attitude changes how you approach your work and how you work with others, no matter if you are flipping burgers or flipping charts.

It’s all in how you approach each day, So Work With Me, People!

Check out the opportunities to work with us here and join the amazing team who serve with excellence!

Have A Great Week! 

Carol McD

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