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Patience, Leadership & Life

In our current day of “First World Problems” and instant gratification, I have to believe that patience is one of our virtues that we need to focus on in our leadership style, lifestyle and work style.

Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry. 

There you have it. How’s your patience holding up so far?

We have become an increasingly impatient society – think about it. Standing in the line at the grocery store you see other customers’ rolling their eyes when someone has coupons, a question or an issue with their payment.  So many issues arise from our inability to have patience!

Patience is a virtue that a strong leader must have in order to guide an organization through changes in staff, processes and overall structure. It is with patience that a leader gains respect of their team.

Patience can serve you well in your job search.  Stop looking for instant gratification and take the time to interview the company as well, know the gaps you’ll face coming into the job and make the decision with the entire picture in full focus.

Have a great week and make a good decision by checking out all of the opportunities here at All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine!