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Today I'm writing my final blog post for this site. It's a strange feeling to be honest with you. We started this project knowing the special stories behind the name All Children's Hospital needed to be told outside traditional outlets. A more personal look at the people and values of our organization warranted that this blog come to life. Now, tens of thousands of page views later, I'm saying good bye.

As I reflect on the stories ranging from great career advice, to touching stories about entering the nursing profession, to the year long journey of one of our new nurses, it reminds me that working here is not just another job.

It's not just another hospital job either.

Miracles Happen Here
The team behind the name All Children's Hospital does things that most people will never see. Quite candidly, I hope most won't have to. The work done here is for the most fragile and vulnerable patients in the world. 


The effort that is required from every staff member whether they are in a clinical role or not is difficult to comprehend. Serving in a leadership role here has given me access to see these incredible people putting in long hours, saving lives, and making sure the families we serve are taken care of, often at the expense of their own.
As my wonderful six years at All Children's Hospital comes to a close I am grateful for my colleagues, particularly in Human Resources. They have tolerated my crazy ideas to push us forward...and have been there to catch me every time I've stumbled (which happened frequently!)

It is very rare indeed to have a team so supportive, and I will miss them very much.

As you begin 2015 and consider a fresh start in your life, please keep All Children's in mind. You might just experience a miracle.

All my best,



Because It's Personal!

It’s hard to believe I've been doing this work for nearly six months. 

It’s even harder to believe that I've maintained this fast pace for this long. While many have been at it  much longer , it’s  the high level of engagement, constant “on” status and having to be very quick-minded, quick-witted and even quicker to respond to issues that makes it seem a faster pace than what is typical.

It is hard to believe but not hard to do, because it’s personal.

I know what you are thinking.  Don’t take your work, co-workers, criticism or “talk at the office” personal. Yeah, that’s what they say, but we all know that we do.

My work these past six months has been personal. Fact.

I came here to All Children's Hospital to elevate the recruitment function, change the way Talent Acquisition is seen, enhance the relationship between TA and  the hiring managers, change  the way candidates are presented, and improve the experience for each party involved.

We've begun the process of service excellence in my department. We've hired a higher level of recruiter, elevated the status of our current team and have begun to turn one corner at a time and bring an increased awareness of our expertise to what we do, how we do it and how we deliver it.

That’s personal to me.

No matter how you look at it, it is my brand, my reputation and my signature on the process. 

There are many more corners to turn and I’m still working at this high-level of engagement and focus.

So, yeah it’s personal and I love it.

Check out all the openings here and make it personal for you!

Work With Me People! 

Carol McD

You Are What Your Tweet!

You Are What You Tweet!

If you are like me, you follow a lot of different people, companies and movements via the various social platforms.  I enjoy the variety of topics that come across my twitter stream, LinkedIn profile and Facebook updates. 

If you follow me you’ll get pretty decent glimpse into my life – recruiting, social biz, shoes and a complete foodie – I digress.

Do you ever take a look at your profile to see who is following you? Are you following them? So many questions, right?

These are important questions though because as you build your digital resume/profile you really do become what you tweet. Who you follow and who follows you are much like the people you surround yourself with.

Think about the colleagues at work that you go to lunch with.  Who are you often seen sitting next to at staff meetings and company functions? What is their reputation like? Is that someone you want to be connected with?  Are they known to curse at work, miss deadlines, be a chronic complainer or someone who can’t meet goals?

It’s not too different in the social space – just on a grander scale and with more opportunities to align yourself with thought leaders in your industry.

Take a look at what – and who – you are tweeting, re-tweeting and pushing out through LinkedIn. Is that really who you are or do you need to clean up the group of people you surround yourself with?

Work With Me People!