Work With Me People!

"Leaders Rise By Lifting Others"

Have you ever had a dream that you are standing alone on an island and the waters are infested with all sorts of dangerous creatures – sharks that will take a bite out of you without a second glance? There are amoeba’s that get into your system and wreak havoc internally and you've got to figure out how to get off the island, survive and thrive on the mainland? 

Corporate America can feel that way, right? We think we have a good grasp on the process, people, technology and then BAM! There is a huge shift and we find ourselves trying to navigate through unfamiliar territory and the waters aren't always so friendly.  Often times that's when you see newer employees throw their hands up and say “I Give, You Win” or others who dig their heels in and refuse to budge. Neither are good measures of a successful 

Well, with the risk of using an overused and misused term, we like to assign our up and coming leaders mentors or a career coach. 

That person should be their guide through the corporate spider webs and try to keep them from becoming prey to the ugliness and pettiness of office politics. 

I do believe that having someone in the workplace that helps you get through the office “politics” is critical for early assimilation, and frankly continued success.  Mastering the technology and procedures of the job function are the easy parts – its knowing how the work gets “done” that helps the new employee get settled and on the road to a productive time at work.

Does that mean that the sharks stop circling? The amoeba’s go away? Absolutely not!

Call them what you want, Mentors, Coaches, Work Buddy or just your “go to” person – this should be part of your on boarding strategy assign with any new employee and, the sooner the better!

Oh, how about someone who can actually help them not just survive,  but thrive?

What a concept, right?

Work With Me People!