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When The Honeymoon Is Over…

Those first 30, 60, 90 days of your new gig really feel like a honeymoon don’t they? You are meeting new people, shaking hands of the executives and getting office furniture setup in your new place….it’s a magical time. 

In fact studies show that this particular stage of a new job is super important and how you “on-board” new employees can make all the difference in retaining them – especially those who you want to retain.

Often times, the honeymoon extends into the first year – that’s a great thing. You are clicking with your co-workers, understanding how the work flow happens and who you need to collaborate with for your initiatives.

At some point though, this honeymoon phase ends.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but you find yourself facing obstacles, rude coworkers and others that seem to generate a sort “drama” that you’re glazed over honeymoon eyes didn't see before.

This is the time when couple of things can happen; You can decide that, wow, this is not what I expected and this fairy tale opportunity has now revealed its ugly head and make your departure; Or you can decide that this is the time when you can really shine and show all the reasons why you were brought in to the organization.  

Choosing the latter for some people is the most difficult. I mean who wants to wage a battle every day to get your work done?

I would suggest that choosing to stay and work with the challenges that you might face is where you will do your best work.  During the honeymoon period, you had the chance to meet those work colleagues that either hold the purse strings to funding projects or are the gateway for approving initiatives.

Now is the time you begin build upon those relationships and with your understanding of how the workflow happens, use that to your advantage working within the parameters given, and launch the ideas and initiatives you talked about during your interview.

Am I suggesting you “work the system?" No, but I am suggesting that now you know how the work gets done, so go do your best work!

Work With Me People! 

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