Work With Me People!

Be Proud!

Do you remember high school football games?

If your experience was anything like mine, students wore their school colors, made banners, and chanted at the top of their lungs in support of their school’s team.  I remember the feeling of excitement as the band played our fight song and you could feel the energy in your chest with every beat of the drums. 

We had serious school pride!

Last week, I beamed with pride again.  

Throughout the week I had opportunities to learn about the amazing work several of our departments are doing for our organization.  I get to attend their meetings, tour their units, and observe our teams in action.  We truly have great talent here at All Children's Hospital!  

I can feel the passion of our employees like it’s the drum beat of that high school band.  If you haven’t lately, take some time to look around today and be PROUD!

Work With Me People! 

Jessica Hollis
Professional Recruiter
All Children's Hospital

I’m NOT Here To Be Average! I’m Here To Be AWESOME!

How long does it take for a new employee to be fully engaged in the organization?  90 days? 1 Year? 5 Years? 

How long does it take for a new employee to become the status quo? Meet the expectations? Fall In line with the 
rest of the team? Assimilate?

The answers to the first question really depends on how well we do as recruiters, hiring managers, and leaders to on-board and bring the employee up to speed on the job, the company and understanding how the work gets done. Of course the aptitude and the attitude of the employee 
certainly adds to that –lest we not forget.

The second set of questions is an entirely different conversation – however most definitely related to the first 

Confused? Let me clarify.

Bringing a new hire in to the mix is a process that takes their colleagues, leadership and communicating to them our processes, policies, partnerships and competitors. Understanding the entire landscape of their work environment is critical. As managers and leaders, we need to be open to questions, sharing insights and sharing the vision and culture consistently, frequently and with vigor! We should be the model for what success looks like in their role! This process can take time depending on availability of the team and the ability of the new team member to absorb it all.

The second set of questions is really about what expectations we have set for our new employee?  

Think about how many times you've used these phrases;

“This is the process and the sooner you are able to understand how it works, the faster you will understand your job”

“Once you are up to speed on everything you will be one of us”

What you are doing is ensuring that your new team member falls in line with the rest of the group. You are telling them that success in your organization means being just like the others and follow the same process, rules and procedures.

This is not Star Trek and you are not the “Borg” – no one needs to assimilate here.

My guess is that we hire talent because of what they can bring to the organization that maybe the organization currently does not have.  My guess is that they are unique, have different experiences and can bring a perspective that others may not have and the value of those past experiences will be invaluable to the organization.  That’s what Talent Acquisition is all about!

We can hire the same types of people all day long who will do the same thing the same way and get the same result. It’s called the Stepford Wife Syndrome.

So my three key pieces of advice:

Don’t be “The Borg”

You are not a “Stepford Wife”

And, strive to be AWESOME, not AVERAGE.

Work With Me People!

Carol McDaniel
Director, Talent Acquisition
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine

Keep The Noise Down!

Have you seen the movie “Date Night”?  It’s a comedy about a busy working couple with children in a romance rut who decide to spice things up with a date night out on the town in Manhattan.  Of course all kinds of comedic mayhem ensue in the movie on their date night.  

There’s a scene in the movie that struck a chord with me where the husband, played by Steve Carrell, asks his wife to disclose her secret fantasy and she, played by Tina Fey, discloses that her fantasy is to go to a hotel room by herself and eat a sandwich with an ice cold Sprite with no one talking to or touching her.  He’s totally surprised that this is what she fantasizes about. 

I thought to myself “YES!”  I can relate!

We live in such a noisy world that sometimes it can be downright overwhelming!  We encounter noise on the way to work in the form of traffic and aggressive drivers.  We encounter noise at work with competing priorities and the opinions, needs, and directives of our work place.  Then we go home at the end of the day and care for our families, more noise. 

How do we stay grounded, stay the course, stay sane at work in the midst of it all?  How do we manage to hear what matters in the midst of all the noise? 

It’s about grounding yourself in what truly matters and then mastering the tools to bring you back to that grounded place even in the midst of the craziest noise.  If you work in healthcare, maybe what matters most is quality of care.  As a recruiter, what matters most to me is the candidate experience.  I ground myself around ensuring that candidates experience the best of what our organization has to offer for their career, and I minimize all the other noise. 

When it’s really noisy, you need tools to remind you of your grounding place.  I would suggest 3 tools:

  1. Write down and post what grounds you as a reminder
  2. Take deep breaths to clear your mind when things get really noisy
  3. Take some quiet time daily to reflect on what matters
You can stay grounded, stay the course, and stay sane even during the noisiest of times.

Work With Me People! 

Jessica Hollis
Professional Recruiter
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine