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Keep The Noise Down!

Have you seen the movie “Date Night”?  It’s a comedy about a busy working couple with children in a romance rut who decide to spice things up with a date night out on the town in Manhattan.  Of course all kinds of comedic mayhem ensue in the movie on their date night.  

There’s a scene in the movie that struck a chord with me where the husband, played by Steve Carrell, asks his wife to disclose her secret fantasy and she, played by Tina Fey, discloses that her fantasy is to go to a hotel room by herself and eat a sandwich with an ice cold Sprite with no one talking to or touching her.  He’s totally surprised that this is what she fantasizes about. 

I thought to myself “YES!”  I can relate!

We live in such a noisy world that sometimes it can be downright overwhelming!  We encounter noise on the way to work in the form of traffic and aggressive drivers.  We encounter noise at work with competing priorities and the opinions, needs, and directives of our work place.  Then we go home at the end of the day and care for our families, more noise. 

How do we stay grounded, stay the course, stay sane at work in the midst of it all?  How do we manage to hear what matters in the midst of all the noise? 

It’s about grounding yourself in what truly matters and then mastering the tools to bring you back to that grounded place even in the midst of the craziest noise.  If you work in healthcare, maybe what matters most is quality of care.  As a recruiter, what matters most to me is the candidate experience.  I ground myself around ensuring that candidates experience the best of what our organization has to offer for their career, and I minimize all the other noise. 

When it’s really noisy, you need tools to remind you of your grounding place.  I would suggest 3 tools:

  1. Write down and post what grounds you as a reminder
  2. Take deep breaths to clear your mind when things get really noisy
  3. Take some quiet time daily to reflect on what matters
You can stay grounded, stay the course, and stay sane even during the noisiest of times.

Work With Me People! 

Jessica Hollis
Professional Recruiter
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine

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