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"Team Players"

Being Part of The Team
As you prepare for your next interview for a promotion within your organization or another company,  you may be tempted to tell your interviewer or list on your resume that you are a “Team Player”.  

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the phrase.  Partly because it’s an overused phrase;  and, partly because we’ve all come across self-proclaimed “Team Players” who actually turned out to be “Team Dominators” or “Team Suppressors” or “Team Dividers”.  

Anyone can and does call themselves “Team Players” these days and there’s just not as much meaning to the phrase because of it. 

So, what does being a Team Player even mean?  And, if you want to convey to your prospective new manager that you are one, what is the best way to do so?

I think there are 5 key behaviors that make a Team Player.  And, the best way to show your prospective new boss that you are one is to be able to speak to how you demonstrate these 

1)      Team Players practice Mutual Respect – You give respect to every team member  despite your differences.  You meet people where they are and accept them for their  positive qualities and their areas of opportunity.  You treat everyone as if they have a  valuable contribution to make in their own unique way, because they do!  You expect  the same from them and you are open about those expectations, addressing them 

2)      Team Players are Generous – You are generous of your time, talents, and  knowledge.  Taking time to listen to your teammates.  Taking time to offer a helping  hand.  Taking time to get to know them personally.  You share your talents to help  others.  You share what you know.  Being generous means you give of yourself  without expecting in return, but to be supportive of your team.

3)      Team Players are Accountable – You take care of your business!  You are able to  report on what you have achieved.  You know your scope of responsibility.  If you  make a mistake, you own up to it, apologize, and make it right!

4)      Team Players are Capable – You make sure that you are equipped to manage what  you commit to as a team member.  You make the effort to get equipped, if that is  what is needed.  Your team can count on you to get the job done.

5)      Team Players are Team Advocates – You have your team member’s back.  You are  quick to advocate for them, trusting that if something went wrong that they will be  accountable and correct it.  You brag on their talents and achievements.

You can say that you are a Team Player, or you can say you practice mutual respect, are generous, are accountable, are capable and a team advocate.  I think it is so much more powerful to speak to these key behaviors to show the impact you would have in your prospective new team.  

Anyone would want to work with this kind of Team Player. 

Work With Me People! 

Jessica Hollis
Professional Recruiter