Work With Me People!

All Work and No Play? Let’s Have Some Fun!

Living in in the Tampa Bay area gives new meaning to work-life balance.  We are passionate about our work at All Children’s Hospital and we live in a city where we can be passionate about our fun, too!

We are known for our beaches, and my family spends our fair share of time at the beach!  But, really the options are endless for things to do in the Bay Area!  And, because the weather is beautiful year around there’s always something happening.  People take the day off to go out on the boat.  Families spend the weekend at one of the theme parks in Tampa or nearby Orlando.  There always seems to be a new restaurant opening for foodies.  

In the Fall and Spring there are music and art festivals.  Sports fans just wrapped up an exciting Lighting hockey season and are now following the Rays into a promising baseball summer and already looking to see how our Buccaneers will do this year. 

What I love is that no matter what you enjoy doing, and no matter what stage in life you are, you will always have the sights, entertainment, attractions and events to draw you out of the office to enjoy your vacation time, weekends, and evenings. 

Part of a great work experience, is the ability to enjoy the community surrounding you – so get out there people and take advantage of this thriving area! 

We would love to hear what you enjoy about life in Tampa Bay.  Share your favorites with us in the comments!

Work with me people!    

Jessica Hollis
Professional Recruiter
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine