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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maybe You're Next

As I look back over the course of my career it is easy to identify the people that really made a difference in my professional life. The leader who gave me a chance when I didn't have the "perfect" amount of first management job as a young leader trying to figure it all out...and a couple of other important moves as life moved along.

Those moments stay with us, and the leaders who helped us will never be forgotten. Wow, think about that for a minute. Those leaders will never be forgotten!

Who They Were
Take a moment and think about one of those influential people in your life. Picture their face in your mind. What did they do that made them so special? Was it their honesty, willingness to listen, or support for you and your team members? How did they behave? Did you worry about their mood, or were they a steady leadership presence that could be relied on to "be there" day after day?

Who They Were Not
I'm willing to bet that none of you would describe your person as "an excel whiz" or a "master at budgets" or "really punctual." No, those aren't the traits of people who are influential in a positive way. While these traits and skills are important, they are not differentiators.

Maybe You're Next
Wouldn't it be terrific if one of your employees was asked to describe one of the most influential and supportive leaders in their career someday...and they immediately thought of you? Consider that point the next time you're interacting with your colleagues. You never know who you're impacting at any moment.

Lead the way!



Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We face many challenges in our work lives. Pressure to perform well, meet deadlines, prove ourselves each day, and in the health care industry to make sure we provide the best care possible for the patients and families we serve.

Wow, that's a lot to handle!

One Step At A Time
Too often I see people trying to accomplish "everything" each day. They put the weight of the world on their shoulders and expect to be successful at every turn. That simply isn't realistic. Sure, we can all get a lot done each day...but other days we can work and work and feel like we haven't accomplished a thing!

Frustrating? Sure. Demoralizing? Absolutely not!

One of the fundamental keys to success in the workplace is keeping a broad perspective on the work that needs to get done. Of course we have daily deadlines or important tasks that cannot wait. But if we get too focused on our to do lists that seem to get longer not shorter, we'll never be able to see the big picture.

Think Big Each Day
One of the ways I avoid getting too caught up in the details of my work life is to spend a few minutes each day "thinking big." What does that mean? Well, it means looking beyond my means thinking about the possibilities of the work I means imagining a future that is better than today. 

You can do that too...regardless of your role, or job title, or company where you work!

Start Today
I challenge you to think about how you can help your organization grow. Consider what you would really like to be doing each day. I know you've thought about these it's time to put your thoughts into action! Write down your ideas and share them with a colleague or supervisor.

You can start making a difference today!



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Have Big News!

One of the things we love about working at All Children's Hospital is that our culture is open and encourages trying new things. Here in human resources we've made many changes over the last few years, including a huge commitment to incorporating social media into our daily work life. (And for some of us like me, social is now embedded in the rest of my life too!)

Now it is time for us to take another step forward. We want each of you to learn more about our organization and the people who work here that make it truly remarkable. Weekly blog posts and occasional stories on our facebook page just aren't enough to connect you to us. 

So we've decided to launch our own Blog Talk Radio Show!

What Is Blog Talk Radio
I'm glad you asked! Blog talk radio is similar to a "regular" radio talk show, but ours will be broadcast over the Internet instead of an FM or AM frequency. But you can still call in to participate (646)-564-9637!  

Click this link to find our show!

How Does It Work
Just like any other talk show, we're going to interview a wide variety of guests from our organization to give you an inside look at what really goes on in a world-class specialty children's hospital.

There is also a unique component that incorporates our #ACHradio hashtag into our show. When you're listening to either a live show, or if you're listening to a replay, you can comment, or ask questions via twitter. (If you don't have a twitter account you can follow this link and sign up today!) 

All you have to do is include the #ACHradio hashtag in your tweets and we'll get back with you. It's that easy! 

Wednesday, March 5th at 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm eastern time! 

Click this link to get to our show!

Call us at (646)-564-9637 to participate live, and use the #ACHradio hashtag on twitter!

Our plan is to have two shows per month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. It's going to be awesome!

We hope you check out our show!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am a creature of habit. I love my morning work commute evening workouts...I love them all! There is comfort in knowing how my day will generally go, even when I know there will be an occasional crisis that needs my immediate attention. I feel comfortable in my routine.

That is not a good thing.

Comfort Does Not Equal Growth
When I think about the times that I've experience professional growth it has never been during a period of "comfort." Sometimes it's been when I'm under stress and had to process new and challenging circumstances. Those times aren't very fun, but they do prove two important things:

1 - we can handle a lot more than we believe 
2 - we really can handle a lot more than we believe (it was worth saying twice!)

The other times I've experienced professional growth, and candidly more fun, are when I've pushed myself to try new ask challenging push my colleagues to think differently...and force myself to do something new.

Sometimes I've pushed so hard that I didn't have a best practice to reference. I just went for it! Did my plans work every time? Of course not. Is it okay to try something and learn that it isn't a long term solution? Of course it is!

Your Choice
Not everyone is confident enough to step out of the comfort of their routine. That's okay. But if you are looking to move contribute in new and meaningful ways in your organization, it's time to reconsider the limits you've placed on yourself.

Give it a try today...even the smallest step can bring a new level of confidence!



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tough Interview Question Series - #2

Interviewer:  "Why do you want to work here?"

You:  "Um, I'm sorry. What was the question?"

Interviewer: "I was wondering why you were interested in joining our organization."

You: " see I really need a job..."

One of the things you should know about All Children's Hospital is that we really like candidates who are prepared for their job interviews. We like to think that the idea of drastically changing your life and coming to work in our organization is something you take very seriously.

Believe me...we take it seriously.

Preparation Is So Important
What separates candidates and makes them stand out, is if they present as if they know what they are doing. This may sound funny, but to be perfectly candid, the interviewee who understands what our organization does; the issues we are facing, and who has a clear idea of why he or she wants to join our team always look good in our eyes.

The only way to achieve this is to put time in prior to your interview thinking, learning, and organizing your thoughts. Preparation is so important!

Investing the time necessary to fully understand the company you are interviewing with, and making sure you are ready to ask questions will help you make a terrific impression. 

What are you waiting for? It's time to get ready!


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This series is based on the terrific post from @RitikaTrikha over at